Complete SEO Checklist 2022 in Bangalore

Complete SEO Checklist 2022 in Bangalore

Technical SEO covers all aspects of SEO that relate to SEO activities that help Google robots navigate a website. Search engine requirements for specialized SEO change regularly. We conduct a thorough analysis of the site and correct errors to improve the visibility of the site from the search engine. After correcting these errors, we ensure that your web pages are correctly indexed and that double pages are removed. In the previous phase, we will deal with XML sitemaps that give extra context about how the site is constructed. We follow best practice in sitemaps

Despite a large number of Google updates over the past 10 decades, the importance of link building continues to exist. This is one of the top three factors in the search engine ranking. Off-page is directly linked to a website’s DA, which then affects your ranking. Once a web page is optimized on the page, it should also be optimized, which means activities such as link building. We pay particular attention to off-page optimization elements such as link building – where the goal is to obtain the highest quality backlinks from reputable websites and social signs

Page optimization is the search engine optimization performed on the web pages of a website. The main goal of search engine marketing is to get the best possible ranking in search engines. Some of the factors on the page Google is looking for are keywords on the page, meta tags, HTML tags, content, links, URLs and redirections, loading times and site architecture. We make sure that all these elements are found on your website and that your site is found by search engines. We analyze your web pages and take care of the optimization of individual elements. When it comes to search engine marketing, we are definitely among the best SEO companies in the city

Our keyword search process is carried out using highly advanced keyword search tools and our own internal parameters. We discover the high and low competition keywords by discovering their search volume, we derive long tail keywords from seed keywords and we choose the keywords that will benefit your website the most. We delve into competition analysis by analyzing a competitor’s keywords, which will help us find the keywords for which our competitors are ranked and see what they are missing. We can find keywords per year, which helps us to know what content strategy to follow

Thanks to our state-of-the-art, tailor-made competitor analysis tools, we reveal all the secrets of your competitors. You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t work in your industry. You’ll see the weaknesses of the competitors and you’ll exploit them, exploit the strengths of the competitors and you’ll reproduce them. We’ll delve into metrics like domain evaluation, estimated keyword ranking, incoming link growth study to understand the link building efforts of competitors, study state traffic distribution, finding broken web pages, spying on competitors’ organic keywords that generate traffic to their site, finding gaps in the content and favorite content for which they are ranked

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