Digital Marketing Trends in 2017- Be Ready for a Major Shift

The digital marketing and the Digital services trends are never stagnant. It always gets updated with time. The components of digital marketing include the search engine optimization, popularly known as SEO services, search engine marketing or SEM, social media optimization also known as SMO, Social Media Management or called as SMM, which is put to operation with help of many tools and techniques favorable for Google algorithms and for the websites all around the web. The year of 2016 is almost to an end where online marketers have witnessed various changes in the techniques of marketing, but the coming year 2017 can bring a major shift in digital marketing trends with innovative modification which can transform the digitization in various aspects.

Here are few SEO trends for 2017 which will have a greater impact over the current trends of 2016 and is an alarming bell for the online marketing companies to adopt them for better optimization and leads.

1. SEO vs. UEO: We all know about the search engine optimization (SEO) techniques followed by the changes in the Google algorithm from time to time. A new concept of User Experience Optimization (UEO) will rule in 2017. User experience, was no doubt, a major ranking factor for the Google, but in 2017 major emphasis and preference will be given to those websites which follows the UEO concept and device their website accordingly.

2. Bit Size Content vs. Comprehensive Content: From past few years the ongoing trends on content engagement shows that people are now interested in reading a comprehensive content rather than reading a short or bit size content. This is because users are now interested in knowing extreme details of a topic. So, frame a comprehensive post for your website which will be in accordance of the upcoming SEO trends.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):  2017 is predicted to bring major revolution in terms of mobile responsiveness optimization. The increased trend of AMP will support the website loading speed and will help to load the website five times faster than the normal time. Activate AMP section in the webmaster tools to support your website responsiveness.

4. Apps vs. Traditional Websites:  2017 echoes a sharp boost in the use of mobile apps as it is more convenient for the users to use an app for availing their desired services. “App favoritism” will be a major shift for Google algorithms in the coming year.

5. Personal Branding and Digital Marketing: It will be a high time for the social media marketing companies as the year 2017 will open the gates for personal branding which will be an integral part of digital marketing. Many companies will now be taking an advantage of personal branding in 2017 which will be mandatory for upcoming years. Tools included in personal branding will include social media platforms, guest posts, participation in advertising forums and communicating with the professionals on twitter and other major platforms.

It’s rather a difficult task to guess what Google has in store for us in the coming year, but several changes can be easily predicted by the marketers and search engine marketing experts to make our website Google friendly. Let us continue with these major shifts and make our website search engine friendly for the coming year.